• Javana Espadrilles A/W 18

    FALL/WINTER 22-23

  • F/W 20-21 Minsk


Our fabulous espadrilles are made of jute or braided hemp as they were manufactured and used since ancient times. Espadrilles, are better known as espadrilles in our territory, its name espadrille comes from "esparto" and from espardenya Catalan a plant that was originally burned and then braided to make the soles.

The jute of the plant this contact with the foot is an anti-bacterial material, and turning the espadrilles into an absolutely comfortable footwear. The espadrilles for women appear with force in the forties and fifties, when stars of the big screen bursting with them. End of the sixties, the great Yves Saint Laurent takes the espadrilles to new heights, which is why it was a great revulsive complement to our current fashion.

Today, its popularity continues to grow thanks to fashion trends. Espadrilles are 100% natural, made of jute and cloth, so they are absolutely biodegradable.  

It is an ideal footwear for our long summer seasons, that is why from Javana Espadrilles we want to invite you to buy quality espadrilles and fashion. In our online store we show our models, we are national manufacturers, we are located in the province of Seville.

Our Espadrilles are made with the best handmade hands and following the most current fashion trends. Through our online store you can buy any Espadrille model that we show you, you just have to register and complete your secure purchase and start enjoying your Espadrilles Javana.